Warm Coats for Hands on Hartford

By: Hammond Iles on December 17th, 2015

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Warm Coats for Hands on Hartford

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Warm Coats and Blankets at Hands on Hartford Thanksgiving Day Meal

Joe Lander belongs to a group of seven men in the Connecticut area from a variety of industries, who help hold each other accountable towards being better men.  Along with improving themselves, and the lives of those close to them, part of their team’s mission is to give back to their community in creative ways. 

In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, they organized a coat and blanket drive for the homeless.  No fanfare, simply a grass roots operation – seven men making a difference.  Many people in their networks donated warm coats and blankets to help people in need have a safer, warmer holiday season.

Early Thanksgiving morning, the group along with Lander’s daughter set up tables loaded with over 200 coats and blankets in the alley leading up to the doors of Hartford’s Christ Church Cathedral where Hands on Hartford was providing a hot meal for the homeless. Hands on Hartford, a nonprofit has served Hartford’s neediest residents in the areas of food, housing and economic security since 1969.

It was touching to see men, women, and children find items to keep them warm. “The gratitude expressed was overwhelming,” exclaimed Lander. In the photo, Joe Lander offers a check to Hands on Hartford from a family who did not have extra coats or blankets to offer, so they gave a check instead.

It was truly a fulfilling way to spend Thanksgiving morning, setting the tone for a day of gratitude for what’s most important in our lives, including the ability to contribute and make a difference for others.