Nathan Grube, 2020 Travelers Championship Recap

Nathan Grube, 2020 Travelers Championship Recap

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What did you want to be when you grew up? An astronaut? A scientist? A police officer?

Or maybe a professional athlete? That was Nathan Grube’s dream, and now he’s living it. We recently had the chance to sit down with Nathan to talk about setting goals, achieving financial well being, and giving back to those less fortunate.

Nathan is a loving husband and father of two children, a professional golfer, Executive Director of the Greater Hartford Community Foundation and the tournament director of the Travelers Championship, Connecticut’s premier PGA tour event. 

Since Nathan joined in 2005, the tournament has generated more $20 million for 750 charities across the Hartford region. Furthermore, Nathan and his team have been recognized with 14 PGA tour awards, including the Player’s Choice Award in 2017 and 2018, and being named the 2017 tournament of the year. 

The 2020 tournament presented some unique challenges because of the pandemic and many questions to be answered. Were fans going to be allowed? What if there was reduced hospitality? Was the tournament even going to be held at all?

However, through the right safety planning, a coordinated effort from many key stakeholders, and amazing generosity from sponsors, the event was held successfully and raised an incredible $1.6 million!

Sponsor after sponsor said, “We understand that that everything is different this year, but we believe in what the tournament stands for and we’re still going to make our entire contribution.”

When you take a step back and look at it, there’s a powerful story of a community coming together for a cause in which they believe and showing incredible altruism.

If you’re thinking about getting involved as a volunteer or sponsor in the future, there will be plenty of opportunity. Take 30 seconds and think about something that’s important to you in your community. What stories are you hearing about charities in your area that are having an amazing impact in your neighborhood by raising funds, providing food or shelter, donating clothing etc? Those are the types of organizations the tournament wants to align with!

At its core, the tournament is run by a nonprofit so it’s built into their DNA to give back and you don’t have to be associated with golf in any way in order to partner with the Travelers team.


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Following a Dream

When Nathan gets a chance to speak to kids in school, he tells them that here's nothing to be ashamed of when you chase a dream and you fail at it. Failure is way easier to deal with than regret, and the pain of failure was easy to deal wondering what might have been.

Nathan always had a passion for golf and found himself staying connected to the sport throughout his early professional life. Eventually, he came across a management company that was putting on events at a local golf course. He saw the advertising, ticket sales, and radio promotion that went into it and fell in love with event management.

Fast forward a few years and Nathan is running an incredible event, raising millions for charity, and loving every second of it.

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