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Many of our dreams require financial success to become a reality. These guided workshops and masterclasses are custom made for busy families who want clarity and confidence you're making the right financial choices.

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Create the future you imagine.
Feel confident about money.
Worry less.

Money is our #1 source of stress, and it impacts our health, future, and overall wellbeing.

‘InvestED with Purpose’ empowers women of all ages to go after your dreams and help support each other on your journey to prosperity.

It is a fun, easy way to learn how to build wealth and keep it—in a judgement-free zone where you can relax, ask questions and learn all about investing.

Space is limited! There’s no cost so invite your friends, mothers, sister-in laws, daughters — all the women in your life and boost your money and investing IQ.

Friday, September 30 9:00am — 1:00pm 
Innovation Center of Vermont
Hammond Iles, 128 Lakeside Avenue, Suite 103, Burlington, VT 05401

Includes workbook, journal, coffee and healthy lunch. For your health and safety, we will follow local Covid-19 protocol.

Sign up at (800) 416-1655 or

The Investing Vortex

The Investing Vortex

If you are considering changes to your investment allocations, watch our video class to learn about what impact that may have.

It’s one thing to talk about inflation, recession and uncertainty. It’s another to actually live through these events without panicking. It is natural for investors to worry. But giving in to your natural instincts to panic and changing your investment allocations or pulling out of the market can have a catastrophic impact on your future financial wellness.

Whether you’ve invested a little money or a lot, this online class will help you combat the elevated levels of anxiety, stress, and fear you may be experiencing around what is happening in the world today. How will this class do that? By showing you ways to help weather market storms with your investment portfolio.

You’ll learn about:

    • Opportunities that may exist in down markets
    • The risk of changing your investment strategy often
    • How uncertainty in the markets affects investment returns
    • Why switching investments to often may make planning for goals such as retirement, unachievable.


Questions on this video? Please contact (800) 416-1655 or

Solving the Social Security Puzzle

Solving the Social Security Puzzle

This video class is ideal for you and your family connections who want to maximize social security benefits in retirement, take an early retirement, or make more informed choices.

Did you know Social Security is actually an intergenerational concept that helps Americans of all ages? Social Security has the potential to be a key financial asset, yet too many American families fail to maximize their benefits.

Watch the video and learn:

  • Common mistakes you can make when filing
  • How Social Security benefits work for you and your spouse or partner
  • When and how to start receiving Social Security benefits
  • Opportunities to increase your benefits throughout retirement

Questions on this video? Please contact (800) 416-1655 or

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Everything You Want To Know About Retirement Accounts

Everything You Want To Know About Retirement Accounts

Watch the video and learn the latest about:

  • Types of accounts such as IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k), 403(b), Solo 401(k)
  • The benefits and differences between types of accounts
  • What's important about an employer match
  • The miracle of compounding
  • How much to save
  • Using employer plan limited options
  • RMDs & qualified charitable rollovers
  • What to avoid + Q & A

Questions on this video? Please contact (800) 416-1655 or

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<span>Are You Ready for the Next Market Crash?</span>

Are You Ready for the Next Market Crash?

The world is fearful right now and your financial future hangs in the balance. Now is not the time to panic!

Watch the video and learn:

• The WORST POSSIBLE things an investor can do now
• What is at risk in these times (hint: it’s not what the media wants you to think)
• The upside of a down market and how you can make informed decisions with the potential to help you build and protect your financial future
• 3 of the BIGGEST Investing mistakes

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Investing 101 Financial Fundamentals

Investing 101 Financial Fundamentals

Sometimes all the different types of investments can seem overwhelming.

Watch the video and learn:

Basics that will empower you whether you want a refresher, are just starting out, graduating college, beginning a career, getting married, or assisting with finances for a loved one.

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Free Secure Document Shredding

Free Secure Document Shredding

Protect yourself from identity theft with this safe, secure opportunity to shred your most confidential documents. 

Bring up to 5 file size boxes of papers and documents for FREE confidential shredding by ProShred Security. Simply drop your documents off at our Wethersfield, CT office during regular business hours to be stored in a secure container for monthly shredding.

Please call us at (800) 416-1655 or email to schedule a drop-off.

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