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Many of our dreams require financial success to become a reality. These guided workshops, online Power Hour classes and videos are custom made for busy families who want clarity and confidence you're making the right financial choices.

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2024 Tax Strategies: Tax Law Changes and Tools That Can Help Manage Your Tax Liability

2024 Tax Strategies: Tax Law Changes and Tools That Can Help Manage Your Tax Liability

If you think you’re paying too much in taxes, chances are you may be right.  There are tax planning strategies that can help save income taxes, avoid capital gain taxes, and pass on more wealth to the people and causes you care about.

In this class we discuss various tax planning strategies you can use to save on your taxes and increase the impact of your financial and charitable planning efforts. Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • Key Tax Rule Changes Taking Effect in 2024 and 2025
  • Roth Conversions
  • Distribution Strategies for You and Your Beneficiaries
  • Tax Effective Gifts to Your Family and Charity

Managing your taxes efficiently involves a clear understanding of the tax saving opportunities available to you.  Watch this insightful presentation to gain a better understanding of how to plan for the upcoming year to save money on your taxes.

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Navigating 2024 : Investing With Confidence During Uncertain Times

Navigating 2024 : Investing With Confidence During Uncertain Times

Do you watch or read news to gain some clarity and information but only come away with concerns and worries about the world, economy, and the financial markets? You are not alone.

As we start 2024, we face a world with military conflicts, potentially slowing U.S. and global economies, high interest rates with potential rate cuts, stubborn inflation, and a contentious national election. Despite all these concerns, some market indexes are reaching new historical highs. What is going on?

Click on the link below to discover practical strategies to position your investment portfolio and mindset for the coming year.

Inherited IRA: What Do You Do?

Inherited IRA: What Do You Do?

The ability to stretch an inherited IRA over a lifetime was essentially eliminated for most beneficiaries by the SECURE Act. Some Inherited IRA and Roth IRA beneficiaries are now required to withdraw the entire balance out of an inherited IRA within 5 or 10 years and may be subject to required minimum distributions. Not knowing the rules and tax-saving strategies for inherited IRAs could result in paying more income taxes and penalties.

Click on the link below to learn what you need to know when you inherit an IRA and what you can do to pass on your IRA with less taxes to leave more wealth to the people you care about.

<span><strong>Politics and Portfolios: </strong></span><span><strong>What You Can Do With Your Investments During This Election Season</strong></span>

Politics and Portfolios: What You Can Do With Your Investments During This Election Season

Don’t play politics with your portfolio. Many investors make judgements and investment decisions based on who might be president or which political party is leading in Congress rather than fundamental investing principles. The truth is, although government policies can influence the economy and financial markets, it is extremely difficult to predict the future performance of an investment or the financial markets based on a political party, a president, social divisiveness, or any other type of indicator you choose to focus on.

Click on the link below to learn more about the historical impact of politics on portfolios.

&#160;Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits

 Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits

This video class is ideal for you and your family connections who want to maximize social security benefits in retirement, take an early retirement, or make more informed choices.

Social Security has the potential to be a key financial asset, yet too many American families fail to maximize their benefits.

Watch the video and learn:

  • Common mistakes you can make when filing
  • How Social Security benefits work for you and your spouse or partner
  • When and how to start receiving Social Security benefits
  • Opportunities to increase your benefits throughout retirement
The Crypto Conundrum

The Crypto Conundrum

Should I convert a portion of my money into crypto based investments? 

There are questions and a lot of hype around cryptocurrency and other digital assets. From Bitcoin to Blockchain and non-fungible tokens, while some get rich, others lose their shirts.

Watch the video to learn more.

<span><strong>Medicare Made Clear</strong></span>

Medicare Made Clear

What You Need to Know and Understand About Your Benefits

Whether you’re helping a family member with their Medicare, newly eligible yourself, or already enrolled in Medicare and want to be sure your benefits are still right for you, this class will prepare you and your loved ones for the choices you’ll need to make.

Our special guest speaker Rob Charnas, a licensed representative from UnitedHealthCare®, will address many common questions and misconceptions.

Watch the video to get a better understanding on how to select and utilize Medicare coverage and a supplemental plan for you or someone you care about

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<strong>Steps to Protect Your Families' Assets from </strong><strong>Potential Long-Term Care Costs</strong>

Steps to Protect Your Families' Assets from Potential Long-Term Care Costs

Myths and Misconceptions of Medicare & Medicaid

Our special guest, Elder Law Attorney Joan Reed Wilson, joined us to discuss the myths and misconceptions about Medicare and Medicaid along with the steps you can take to protect your families' assets from potential long-term care costs. In this class you will learn:

  • The difference between Medicare and Medicaid,
  • What the programs cover and what they do not,
  • The long-term care benefits available to veterans,
  • The 5-year and 3-year look-back rule,
  • How Revocable Trusts and transfers to children may not protect your assets,
  • Benefits of an Irrevocable Trust, and
  • Tips to ensure a smooth approval for benefits and protect assets.

Click on the link below to learn the important questions to ask and steps to take to protect you and your family.

<strong>Discover the Differences Between Index </strong><strong>Investing and a Structured Portfolio</strong>

Discover the Differences Between Index Investing and a Structured Portfolio

At Hammond Iles Wealth Advisors we believe an informed and educated investor is our best client. Understanding what you own, why you own it, and how your portfolio is designed to navigate volatility allows you to have more confidence and comfort during unexpected events in unpredictable financial markets.

Click on the link below to watch the video and learn what you don’t know, you don’t know about index investing and how structured investments could provide you with more confidence in your portfolio leading to more long-term growth.

Money Basics

Money Basics

The Important Things We All Need to Know

Whether you want a refresher or are just starting out, learning the money basics will empower you to have more confidence in your financial future.  In this class we will share the important money basics we all need to know. Topics we will cover in this class include:

  • Reduce money stress by having a peace of mind account,
  • The 50/30/20 Rule,
  • Using the power of compounding for your retirement,
  • Understanding stocks and bonds and what role they play in your portfolio,
  • 3 investing pitfalls to avoid.

By the end of this class, you'll have a better understanding of the money basics and how to implement them for more financial freedom and fulfillment in your life.

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Everything You Want To Know About Retirement Accounts

Everything You Want To Know About Retirement Accounts

Watch the video and learn about:

  • Types of accounts such as IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k), 403(b), Solo 401(k)
  • Differences between types of accounts
  • Employer match 
  • The miracle of compounding
  • How much to save
  • Using employer plan limited options
  • RMDs & qualified charitable rollovers
Investing 101 Financial Fundamentals

Investing 101 Financial Fundamentals

Sometimes all the different types of investments can seem overwhelming.

Watch the video and learn about:

The Financial Basics that will empower you whether you want a refresher, are just starting out, graduating college, beginning a career, getting married, or assisting with finances for a loved one.

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Stay Calm and Rebalance

Stay Calm and Rebalance

Rebalancing is the process of periodically buying or selling assets within an investment portfolio to maintain your original or desired level of risk and reward.

Rebalancing offers investors the opportunity to buy low and sell high, taking the gains from high-performing investments within a portfolio and reinvesting them in assets that will potentially see growth. As financial markets move up or down, your original asset mix may go off target, causing your portfolio to carry more or less risk. 

Watch this video to learn why rebalancing is essential to prudent long-term investing and risk control.

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Free Secure Document Shredding

Free Secure Document Shredding

Protect yourself from identity theft with this safe, secure opportunity to shred your most confidential documents. 

Bring up to 5 file size boxes of papers and documents for FREE confidential shredding by ProShred Security. Simply drop your documents off at our Wethersfield, CT office during regular business hours to be stored in a secure container for monthly shredding.

Please call us at (800) 416-1655 or email to schedule a drop-off.

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